Electric Tandems

STÆRK Tandem B14


The STÆRK B14 is the flagship model in the STÆRK collection. It features the Bosch Performance motor, which is Bosch's most versatile drive system, providing the right level of support at the right moment. Additionally, it comes with a specially designed version of the Rohloff hub for STÆRK, featuring 48 spokes for an exceptionally strong wheel, compared to the standard 36 spokes found in the market. The adjustable handlebars with leather grips add an extra touch of style to the tandem.

STÆRK Tandem B10


The STÆRK B10 comes equipped with a Bosch Performance motor. The Performance Line is Bosch's most versatile drive system, delivering the right support at the right moment. The motor provides assistance up to 25 km/h and offers a natural, sporty riding experience.

Please note: the image shown features different handlebars.

STÆRK Tandem R14E


The STÆRK R14E features a Rohloff hub with 14 gears and is equipped with a DAPU front-wheel motor. The front-wheel motor has the advantage of delivering power directly to the wheel which bypasses the need to engage the chain. Additionally, it comes at a more favorable price. The Rohloff hub enables gear changes in all situations.

STÆRK Tandem D30E


The STÆRK D30E is an electric tandem with a DAPU rear-wheel or front-wheel motor. This system allows for 30 gears in combination with motor assistance. An advantage of the wheel-mounted drive is that it doesn't involve the chain resulting in less wear on components. The D30E with a rear-wheel motor features 36 spokes in the rear wheel and a strong STÆRK rim. The multi-grip handlebars and disc brakes give it a sporty look and feel.


Starting from €5.799,00

The STÆRK SPORT is a sporty tandem without frills, ideal for enjoyable rides. It can handle gravel paths and off-road sections with ease.

Thanks to the MTB-style handlebars, fixed seat posts, AHS stem, and the omission of many accessories, this model is considerably lighter and sportier than its fully-equipped counterpart.

This version can be configured as D30SportE (shown in the image) or in any other variant, with either Bosch or Dapu motor, and with a derailleur or Rohloff hub. In general, the Sport configuration is more affordable than the fully-equipped variant.

Of course, you can customize this model according to your preferences with water bottle holders, locks, fenders, and more.

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