Accessories & Options

To enhance your experience with your STÆRK tandem, we offer the following products.

Pro-User Diamant rack adapted for tandem


The Pro-User Diamant is the ideal foldable bike carrier that perfectly accommodates the foldable STÆRK tandem. The carrier is delivered already customized for the tandem, so you won't need to make any adjustments yourself, perhaps just some minor tweaks to the slots.

E10-Air adjustable seatpost

Additional €100,00

Instead of the regular seat post, STÆRK offers the option to install an E10 Air-adjustable seat post. With this seat post, adjusting the height is similar to adjusting an office chair by operating a lever. This is ideal when multiple individuals use the tandem bike. Please note that this seat post does not have suspension.

Diagonally Suspending Seatpost

Additional €80,00

For users who prioritize comfort, STÆRK offers a suspension seat post that tilts backward towards the wheel instead of directly towards the bottom bracket, as is the case with most seat posts. This design allows the seat post to absorb shocks and bumps from the direction where discomfort originates, providing unparalleled comfort to the biking experience.

Quick Release

Additional 12,50 per unit

Sometimes it's convenient to easily adjust the seat post to a higher or lower position. Especially for different riders or when disassembling the seat posts or the tandem handlebars for transport. By default, your STÆRK comes equipped with clamps that require loosening with an Allen key. As an alternative, you can choose quick-release levers for both the front and rear seat posts, as well as for the rear rider's handlebar stem. This provides a more convenient and tool-free adjustment solution.

ENDUO Super Strong Chain

Additional 600,-

This super-strong chain runs smoother and lasts up to 8 times longer.

Magnetic closing mechanism

Additional price around €49,00

At times, it's convenient to leave your STÆRK in the folded position. To prevent it from unfolding inadvertently, a magnetic closure has been developed. This feature is convenient during transport, in bike storage areas, or in your own storage.

Contact Plus Tires

Additional €25,00

By default, the STÆRK comes with Continental Contact tires. These tires are known for their smooth rolling and excellent puncture resistance. For riders who desire even greater assurance, there is the option to choose the Continental Contact PLUS tires with Hermetic Plus inner tubes. These tires feature a thicker puncture protection layer, offering enhanced resistance against flats. Please note that these tires may have a slightly higher rolling resistance, but when combined with electric assistance, the difference is negligible.

Side Stand

Additional 12,00

The standard STÆRK tandem comes with a double kickstand at the front, providing stability even when folded. At times, having a side stand can be convenient for easily parking the tandem. However, it's important to note that when folding the tandem, you should still use the double stand. The option for a side stand is available only when there is no chain guard on the left side of the bike. Therefore, it's essential to carefully check the model of your STÆRK before selecting this option.

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