About our Tandems

Read about the Unique Selling Points of STÆRK tandems.


All STÆRK tandems are foldable, which comes with several advantages compared to regular tandems. A folded tandem takes up no more space than a regular bicycle, making parking much easier. It's also easy to transport on a bike rack. Both in its normal and folded position, the tandem stands firmly on the double stand.

Both folding and unfolding a STÆRK tandem require only 3 steps. Our manual explains how to do this.

Special version of the Rohloff hub

The Rohloff gear hub is a low-maintenance 14-speed gear system. This "Speedhub" has been in existence since 1998 and has proven itself as a highly reliable gear system, especially among demanding cyclists. For most STÆRK models, a special and unique Rohloff hub with 48 spoke holes has been developed. This makes STÆRK wheels exceptionally strong. While many other tandem wheels struggle with the additional load, STÆRK provides not only the best hub but also the best wheel that won't give in to the extra weight.

14 Gears

The range of the 14 gears on STÆRK tandems is equivalent to a derailleur bike with 3 front chainrings and a 10-speed cassette in the rear. With the Rohloff gear hub, it's possible to tackle light uphill cycling with ease.

Leather Grips

De STÆRK tandems zijn uitgevoerd met leren handvatten. Naast een luxueuze uitstraling geeft dit extra comfort, minder zweethanden en een langere levensduur dan kunststof uitvoeringen.

STÆRK tandems can be delivered with multi-grip handlebars (as shown in the picture) or 'normal' handlebars. The advantage of multi-grip handlebars is that cyclists can adopt multiple hand positions while cycling without the need for adjustments. Especially during long rides, many users find this contributes to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

Adjustable Posts

In STÆRK tandems, the seat posts and handlebar stems for the "stoker" (the person at the rear of the tandem) are equipped with extra tubes. This ensures that the adjustability is significantly greater, allowing for well-fitting dimensions for every user.

Durable Chain Guards

De Aluminium kettingkasten zijn door STÆRK zelf ontworpen en zijn behalve licht van gewicht ook sterk. Door aluminium te gebruiken zal de kast niet snel stuk gaan, in tegenstelling tot kunststof. In een extreem geval zou de kast kunnen verbuigen door een ongeval. Het scheuren of breken is vrijwel onmogelijk om te gebeuren.

About the Bosch models of STÆRK

Bosch Performance Line

With the electric mid-motor, STÆRK has opted for Bosch's power source, known as the Performance Line. This motor provides an additional torque of 65Nm. This support can be adjusted to your preference and feels very natural. Cycling will feel as if there's three people on the tandem. The assistance continues up to a speed of 25 km/h.


The battery is placed between the lower tubes of the tandem, ensuring the center of gravity remains as low as possible, enhancing balance while riding. The battery is mounted at a slight angle, making it easy to remove and reinstall. A 500Wh battery is included as standard. The range you can achieve with this battery depends on various factors, including the level of assistance, the extent to which both riders pedal, the terrain, the amount of elevation gain, and weather conditions (wind/cold). As a rule of thumb, a full battery can provide a range of 40 to 100 km.


STÆRK's Bosch tandems come with an Intuvia bicycle computer. This display is easily readable in all lighting conditions and can be operated intuitively while cycling, without the need to take your hands off the handlebars.

At the bottom of the Bosch display, there is a range indicator as an indication of how far you can still cycle. It's important to note that this range is calibrated for a regular bike and may vary for a tandem.

Chain Tensioner

In the Bosch variant, a chain tensioner has been chosen to tension the front part. This makes this component low-maintenance. During use, a chain tends to elongate, and this tensioner automatically takes up the extra length.

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