Traditional Tandems

STÆRK Tandem D30


The D30 is the non-electric version of STÆRK, boasting 30 gears for a sporty performance. It comes equipped with multi-grip handlebars, Continental Contact tires, 48 spokes in both the front and rear wheels, and an extra-strong rear wheel thanks to hub rings. The high number of gears ensures that this tandem can go wherever a regular bike can. Going downhill with the D30 is a joy, thanks to the 180mm disc brakes. Like all STÆRK tandems, the D30 features a foldable frame for improved convenience.

STÆRK Tandem R14


The R14 is the non-electric flagship model in the STÆRK collection. The exceptionally robust Rohloff hub of the R14 is specially designed for STÆRK. It features 48 spokes for added strength. Combined with flange rings and strong rims, this bicycle offers exceptional stability. The high-quality components complete the cycling pleasure.



The STÆRK SPORT is a sporty tandem without frills, perfect for enjoyable touring rides. It can handle gravel paths and off-road sections with ease.

Thanks to the MTB-style handlebars, fixed seat posts, AHS stem, and the omission of many accessories, this model is considerably lighter and sportier than its fully-equipped counterpart.

This version can be configured in any other variant as well. The one pictured is the D30E Sport (electric), but it can also be constructed as a non-electric version with a derailleur or Rohloff hub.

In general, the SPORT configuration is €500 more affordable than the fully-equipped variant.

Of course, you can customize this model according to your preferences with water bottle holders, locks, fenders, and more.

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