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In 2022, STÆRK (old Dutch for Strong) set new standards for tandem bicycles. Our tandems are more than just bicycles; they represent the perfect combination of strength, sportiness, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Excellence is the benchmark in all aspects of our tandems – but uncompromising quality is our highest priority. For instance, our STÆRK models are equipped with extra spokes because we understand that tandem wheels are subjected to heavier loads. But this is just one of the smart innovations that are inherent at STÆRK.

Why choose a STÆRK over a regular tandem? Our tandems are foldable, lightweight, and easy to handle. Simple to transport and to use without having to make any compromise!

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Feel the rush of effortless cycling and experience the convenience of electric mobility.


Cycling like you've always done before, but with the best that STÆRK has to offer.

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