Our Story

STÆRK has been developing and delivering tandems since 2022. All STÆRK tandems are foldable, sporty, reliable, and simply strong (translated into old Dutch: STÆRK).

When selecting components, STÆRK places a strong emphasis on high-quality materials. For example, the tandems come with extra-strong spokes and rims; most models have more spokes than a regular bike because tandem wheels endure extra heavy loads. More information about the components can be found on Our Tandems page or in the product information for each model.

In addition to high-quality materials, STÆRK prioritizes user-friendliness. Many parts of STÆRK tandems are made of aluminum, including the frame. This ensures that the bike is not unnecessarily heavy and is easy to handle. User-friendliness is also evident in the foldability of STÆRK tandems. This means that the overall length of the tandem is variable, making it easy to transport in a car with most bike carriers*.

To ensure good service, sales are only conducted through authorized dealers. However, it is possible to visit the STÆRK showroom in Doetinchem by appointment. Both dealers and consumers are welcome to view the tandems.

*Contact us for advice on the most suitable models.

Jacob Pot

Jacob is a well-established name in the Dutch bicycle industry, with over 30 years of experience. When he started JPTrading&Engineering in 2013, he took his passion for innovation and product development to a new level. With STÆRK, he continues to do what he has always done: delivering top-quality products designed to perfection.

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